Winner:  Little Vic By Doris Gater 

Other Books on the Master List: 

Lucky Year  
By Dorothy Aldis 

Marble Fountain  
By Valenti Angelo 

Chariot in the Sky  
By Arna Bontemps 

Apple and the Arrow  
By Conrad and Mary Buff 

America’s Robert E. Lee  
By Henry S. Commager 

Of Courage Undaunted  
By James Daugherty 

Ginger Pie  
By Eleanor Estes 

Andrew Jackson  
By Genevieve Foster 

Minn of the Mississippi  
By H. C. Holling 

George Washington, Leader of the People  
By Clara I. Judson 

Prairie School  
By Lois Lenski 

Light at Tern Rock  
By Julia Sauer 

Leif Eriksson  
By Katherine Shippen 

All-of-a-kind Family  
By Sydney Taylor 

Prehistoric America  
By Anne Terry White 

Story of Serapina  
By Anne H. White