Winner: Cherokee Bill: Oklahoma Pacer By Jean Bailey 

Other Books on the Master List: 

Talking Cat and Other Stories of French Canada  
By Carlson 

Secret of the Andes  
By Clark 

Last Fort  
By Coatsworth 

Bears on Hemlock Mountain  
By Dalglieso 

Wind Blows Free  
By Erdman 

Meph, the Pet Skunk  
By George 

Climb a Lofty Ladder  
By Havighurst 

Thomas Jefferson:  Champion of the People  
By Judson 

Moccasin Trail  
By McGraw 

Carver’s George  
By Means 

Amahl and the Night Visitors  
By Menotti 

Thirty-one Brothers and Sisters  
By Mirsky 

By Powell 

Leonardo Da Vinci  
By Ripley 

First Book of Bees  
By Tibbets 

Red Sails to Capri  
By Weil 

Charlotte’s Web  
By E. B.White