Winner: Daniel Coon By Phoebe Erickson 

Other Books on the Master List: 

By Thelma Bell 

Rowan Farm  
By Margot Benary-Isbert 

By Clyde Bulla 

House of the Fifers  
By Rebecca Caudill 

Wonderful Winter  
By Marchette Chute 

Sod House  
By Elizabeth Coatsworth 

Courage of Sarah Noble  
By Alice Dalgleish 

Wheel on the School  
By Meindert DeJong 

Haunt Fox  
By James Kjelgaard 

Ordeal of the Young Hunter  
By Jonreed Lauritzen 

Tough Winter  
By Robert Lawson 

Little Wu and the Watermelons  
By Beatrice Liu 

The Foreigner  
By Gladys Malvern 

Tales of Christophilos  
By Joice Nankivell 

Winter Danger  
By William O. Steele 

Freedom Train  
By Dorothy Sterling 

Banner in the Sky  
By James Ullman