Winner: Sasha, my friend By Barbara Corcoran

Other Books on the Master List:

The Cay
By Theodore Taylor

I thought I heard the city
By Lilian Moore

Journey Outside
By Mary Q. Steele

A kind of secret weapon
By Elliott Arnold

McBroom’s Ear
By Sid Fleischman

The Motoring Millers
By Alberta Constant

The Mystery of Stonehenge
By Franklyn Branley

One to grow on
By Jean Little

The search for delicious
By Natalie Babbitt

The skating rink
By Mildred Lee

By William H. Armstrong

Stampede North
By Ruth Franchere

Summer on the Salt Fork
By Jessie Wiley Voils

Trouble River
By Betsy Byars
Tucker’s Countryside
By George Selden

Where the lilies bloom
By Vera & Bill Cleaver