Winner: The Trumpet of the Swan By E. B. White

Other Books on the Master List:

Blowfish Live in the Sea
By Paula Fox

The Changeling
By Zilpha Snyder

Come By Here
By Olivia E. Coolidge

Enchantress From the Stars
By Sylvia Engdahl

Far Voyager:  The Story of James Cook
By Jean Latham

For Me to Say
By David McCord

Go Find Hanka! 
By Alexander L. Crosby

By Vera and Bill Cleaver

Hail Columbia
By Patricia Beatty

Jeanne D’Arc
By Aileen Fisher

Journey to America
By Sonia Levitin

Kneeknock Rise
By Natalie Babbitt

The Long Journey
By Barbara Corcoran

Look Through My Window
By Jean Little

Maple Street
By Nan Hayden Agle

The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian
By Lloyd Alexander

Mike’s Toads
By Wilson Gage

By Peter Zachary Cohen

Sing Down the Moon  
By Scott O’Dell

The Summer of the Swans
By Betsy Byars

Wolf Hunt
By Walter D. Edmonds