Winner: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh By Robert O’Brien and  
The Headless Cupid By Zilpha K. Snyder

Annie and the Old One
By Miska Miles

The Black Mustanger
By Richard Wormser

The Children’s War
By Theodore Taylor

Chipmunks on the Doorstep
By Edwin Tunis

Exiles of the Stars
By Mary Alice Norton

Goody Hall
By Natalie Babbitt

Incident at Hawk’s Hill
By Allan W. Eckert

Jingo Django
By Sid Fleischman

Journey to Topaz
By Hoshiko Uchida

King’s Knight’s Pawn
By John and Patricia Beatty

By Louisa R. Shotwell

The Making of Joshua Cobb
By Margaret Hodges

A Room Made of Windows
By Eleanor Cameron

Sarah Whitcher’s Story
By Elizabeth Yates

Stranger in the Pines
By May McNeer

The Tombs of Atuan
By Ursula K. LeGuin

White Shell Horse
By Jane and John Annixter

Who Really Killed Cock Robin? 
By Jean C. George

Wolf Run: A Caribou Eskimo Tale
By James Houston

The Year of Small Shadow
By Evelyn Sibley Lampman