Winner: Dominic By William Steig

The Boy Drummer of Vincennes
By Carl Carmer

The Boyhood of Grace Jones
By Jane Langton

Coyote Cry
By Byrd Baylor

The Death of Evening Star
By Leonard Everett Fisher

The Farthest Shore
By Ursula LeGuin

The Fire Bringer
By Margaret Hodges

Flint’s Island
By Leonard Wibberley

The Four Donkeys
By Lloyd Alexander

From Anna
By Jean Little

Go Up the Road
By Evelyn Lampman

By John and Patricia Beatty

The House of Wings
By Betsy Byars

The Ice Ghost Mystery
By Jane Louise Curry

Julie of the Wolves
By Jean George

The Meeting Post  
Lee Kingman

O the Red Rose Tree
By Patricia Beatty

A Piece of the World
By Mildred Walker

A Stranger and Afraid
By Betty Baker

The Taken Girl
By Elizabeth Gray Vining

The Warrior Goddess: Athena
By Doris Gates

The Year of the Three-Legged Deer
By Eth Clifford