Winner: Summer of the Monkeys By Wilson Rawls

Cupid and Psyche: A Love Story
By Edna Barth

Hawk, I’m Your Brother
By Byrd Baylor

By Crumbs, It’s Mine! 
By Patricia Beatty

Hurry, Hurry Mary Dear! And Other Nonsense Poems
By N. M. Bodecker

A String In The Harp
By Nancy Bond

Toliver’s Secret
By Esther W. Brady

The Champion of Merrimack County
By Roger W. Drury

The Golden Venture
By Jane Flory

All The Children Were Sent Away
By Sheila Garrigue

The Contest
By Nonny Horgrogian

The Turning Place:  Stories of a Future Past
By Jean Karl

The Potlatch Family
By Evelyn S. Lampman

Year of the Black Pony
By Walt Morey

Into the Painted Bear Lair
By Pamela Stearns

Abel’s Island
By William Steig

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
By Mildred K. Taylor

The Rooster Who Understood Japanese
By Yoshiko Uchida