Winner:   THE MAGIC OF THE GLITS by Carole S. Adler 

Other books on the Master List include: 

Brendan The Navigator By Jean Fritz 

Daniel's Duck By Clyde Robert Bulla 

Does Anybody Care About Lou Emma Miller? By Alberta W. Constant 

The Fool And The Dancing Bear By Pamela Stearns 

A Gathering Of Days By Joan W. Blos 

The Hey Hey Man By Sid Fleischman 

The Lucky Stone By Lucille Clifton 

Night Journeys By Avi Wortis 

An Orphan For Nebraska By Charlene Joy Talbot 

The Road From Home, The Story Of An Armenian Girl By David Kherdian 

Truth On Trial By Vicki Cobb 

What Happened In Hamelin By Gloria Skurzynski 

When Grandfather Journeys Into Winter By Craig Kee Strete 

White Wave:  A Chinese Tale By Diane Wolkstein 

Words By Heart By Ouida Sebestyen