Every Soul a Star

Every Soul a Star . Mass, Wendy; Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2008


Grade Level: 6-8


ISBN 13 HB 978-0-316002561 $15.99

ISBN 10 HB 0316002569 $15.99

ISBN 13 PB 978-0316002578 $6.99

ISBN 10 PB 0316002577 $6.99

© 2008, used with permission of publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


The Great Eclipse is about to occur and the Moon Shadow Campground is the place to be. Ally, Jack and Bree are there for different reasons but their lives cross in unexpected ways.


General Review: 

The solar eclipse is the background for this wonderful coming of age story. Ally has lived at the remote Moon Shadow all her life. Bree can't live without the mall, and plans on becoming a model. Jack is an introvert but hides his artistic talent. They come to the Moon Shadow for the eclipse for different reasons, but the experience affects their lives in ways they can't imagine. The story is told in alternating narratives and each character's voice is clear. The characters deal with the changes in their lives and discover strength in themselves and each other.

Themes: Solar Eclipses; Astronomy; Friendship; Coming of Age; Moving-Household; Family


Author information: www.wendymass.com


Discussion Questions: (Standard 3; Benchmark 3)

•  Compare and contrast the characters of Ally, Bree and Jack both at the beginning and the end of the story. Do you see more similarities or differences in the way they changed?

•  Why do you think the author used an eclipse as the setting for this story? Do you think the eclipse affected they way the characters behaved?

•  Think about Ryan's character. How do you think he affected the lives of the main characters? Do you think he should have had his own narrative?






•  Research eclipses. Have students build a model of a solar eclipse. (Science; Standard 4; Benchmark 4)

•  Design and build a model of an unusual of your own. Think about what makes it unique. Why would people enjoy using it? (Visual Arts; Standard 6; Benchmark 3)

•  Write a short story about receiving alien transmissions from space. How did it come about? What do you think aliens would have to say? What would you have to say? How would you feel? (Writing; Standard 1; Benchmark 1)


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